Tragedy As Landlord Throws Tenant’s Child Down From A Storey Building


Landlord throws tenant’s child down from a storey building in NDU Amassoma

This is Bayelsa earlier today reported that a Landlord threw his tenant’s two month old baby from a storey building.

According to a Facebook user Tari narration to the incident

” The man is mad, or might have taken things .
House rent that is suppose to expire at the end of November but the landlord has been disturbing them to pay the money or pack out.

They have told him to wait still November ending but he refused. Few days back he has brought a new tenant to check the house when their house rent has not expire.
Now yesterday when they where at home the husband was inside the house , the man locked the husband inside the house and was fighting his wife . He held one hand of the child with hand and was fighting the wife with his other hand.

A two months baby bones aren’t strong yet . In the process of fighting the baby slip from his hand and hit the ground from the one storey building.
Funny enough the dedication of the child is on Sunday , the man has already paid for drinks and other things .
The most painful part is that the Child is the tenant first child.

Omo they almost set the landlord on fire if not for his family people. “

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