Tension As Muslim Youths Butcher CAN Chairman to Death in Kano


In the Sumalia Local Government Area, Muslim youths are accused of butchering the Christian Association Chairman of the Council to death with a machete. Pastor Shuaibu was reportedly attacked on Thursday at approximately 12:15 a.m. by youths from the village of Massu, who were upset about the rapid expansion of his ministry.

During the attack, his assailants also set fire to his home, the church, and the school, among other things.

The Hausa Christians Foundation described the incident in the following manner in a Facebook post on Saturday: “Rev. Shuaibu has served as the Northeastern Evangelist of New Life Church and the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in the Sumaila Local Government Area of Kano State. He was a resident of a village known as Massu.

“Recently, the Moslems have expressed envy for the expansion of the Missionary base in Massu, as well as a desire to see it removed from its natural environment for no legitimate reason. The following day, a young man who had converted from Islam but had not been attending church or mosque had a fight with his brother’s wife. The young man surrendered himself to the MOPOL officers stationed in the area and was taken to the station for further prosecution as a result of the fight, in which he hit her with a Piston and she died.

It became extremely tense as people who were aware of the Moslems’ position in the area advised the Reverend to leave the area for a more secure location because the Moslems believed the young man who killed a woman in a fight is a Christian, sensing that they may attack as they have in the past, with the Reverend being the primary target because of his obvious exploits. “He left for one of the neighbouring villages called Biri, where he stayed for a night, and the next day he returned to evacuate the schoolchildren in order to avoid any eventualities, knowing that if the school activities continued, the children would be easily targeted and murdered.”

After noticing that the tension had been dowsed, late Reverend Shuaibu believed that he could remain with his family and people, but the Moslems gathered their mob and descended on him, macheted him severely, and then set fire to his house, the church, and the school in the middle of the night. His wife was able to sneak out with the Children despite the mob’s attention because it had already gotten dark outside.

It was reported to other villages, and the vice CAN chairman immediately called for assistance from law enforcement. “Before they arrived, the damage had already been done; they rushed him to the hospital, where they attempted to resuscitate him, but he was unable to survive,” the statement said in part.

A statement from the Kano State Police Command, as well as from the Christian Association of Nigeria, was not immediately available.


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