Teenager Impregnated By Her Father Twice Reportedly Had Twins And Sold One

A man banished by a community reportedly impregnated his own daughter and sold one of the babies.

The man after he was banished
The man after he was banished
More information have been revealed about a man who impregnated his teenage daughter twice in Okofia, Otolo Nnewi in Anambra state.
The abominable act led to the banishment of the man and his daughter from the community.
It is now alleged that the first pregnancy, the daughter had resulted in twins but she sold one.
The father, in his 60s, from Okija in Anambra state, impregnated his daughter the first time but, according to a Facebook user who claims she’s their neighbor, he got away with it because members of the community where he lives in Nnewi assumed it was one of the students in the area who was responsible for her pregnancy.
See the facebook user’s post below:
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