Says Government, As 400 Citizens Leave South Africa September 11



The Nigerian government will begin the evacuation of Nigerians in South Africa on Wednesday, September 11.

The evacuation process, scheduled to begin on August 6, was halted due to expired travel documents of the Nigerian citizens.

Therefore, the evacuation slated for September 6 was to Monday, September 9 or Tuesday, the following day.

In a new development, the first batch of the Nigerians willing to return home will be repatriated on Wednesday, Nigeria’s Consul General in Johannesburg, Godwin Adama, told News Agency of Nigeria on Sunday.

“We have more than enough for that aircraft. Over 400 Nigerians have already registered; more are still coming,” Adama said.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian High Commissioner to South Africa, Kabiru Bala, has said, “We are documenting them. Those without travel documents, we shall provide them with emergency travel certificates.

“There are other governmental procedures that we must observe. Relevant agencies of government in Nigeria must be informed and must be ready to receive the returnees.

“Hard work is now going on at the high commission and consulate in this regard. As soon as all procedures and relevant protocols are observed, the return is assured and guaranteed.

“A little more patience will be helpful. The response of Nigerians is just amazing.”

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