RRS Officers Rescue Man From Jumping Off The 3rd Mainland Bridge


It was pure drama that ensued in Lagos after a man tried to jump off the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos.

The man tried to jump off the bride today, 25th November, 2015, causing serious stir in the area. However, the RRS officers jumped into action and rescued the man from committing suicide.

man tries to jump off 3rd Mainland Bridge

The RRS shared pictures of the man on Twitter and explained that the man sounded incoherent when he was interviewed.

“RRS officers on 3MB just prevented this man from jumping into the Lagoon. He was interviewed and sounded incoherent. He has been taken to Adekunle Police Station for his family to be contacted. #TheGoodGuys,” RRS wrote.

man tries to jump off 3rd Mainland Bridge

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