A royal father Kabiyesi Segun Enitan also known as Alapa Dupe had been petitioned to Sango area commander for land grabbing.

According to the Glory Sunday, she bought a plot of land at Oluke village in Ijoko from Kabiyesi family through his brother simply identified as Dapo and the family receipt was issued to her and she started work on the land.

Narrating further, Glory Sunday said started a four bedroom flat and was at the window level stage when she stopped work as funds were no more coning in.

“Someone call me one day and said that another person has come to demolish the house that i was building and has started building in the said land. “So I have to rush down to see things for myself only to discovered that the four bedroom plan i started initially has been demolished and a three bedroom plan was now in place, the pillars I erected were removed because I wanted to build an upstair. “I then ran to the Kabiyesi and told him what I saw in my land and the Kabiyesi said the money I paid for the land he did not share in the money that i should give him extra #300,000.00 or I should forget about the land. “I told him that if what he said was correct why did they issue the family receipt to me and he said that was not his business.”

Glory stated in her petition and statement to the police that she even gave the Kabiyesi the sum of # 70,000.00 just to please him, yet he will not allow her to continue the work adding that she was told to go and build on the second plot of land she also bought from the same family.

The same Kabiyesi has been alleged to have swindled so many other people which informed why he is moving from one place to another to evade arrest.

The police at Sango has however told the complainant to go and continue work on the building which she has since continue only for Dapo and Alapa Dupe to go there with thugs that were armed with sticks and bottles on Sunday to lay siege and drove away the bricklayer that is working on the site.

Following this latest development the police has vowed to arrest his Kabiyesi and his cohorts.

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