Police not professional in investigation of politician’s death – Governor Seyi Makinde


Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, has condemned the way the police handled investigation into the murder of Dr Fatai Aborode, who was killed by gunmen in Igangan, Ibarapa North Local Government Area of the state.

The governor said Aborode’s father explained to him that his son’s death has political intensions.

Speaking on BCOS television interview on Saturday, Makinde expressed surprised that the police did not arrest and interrogate some persons who witnessed hoodlums killed Aborode on the said date.

The governor said he visited Aborode’s father during his visit to Igangan to assess the security situation in the town and other areas in Ibarapaland, and that the old man told him that the killing of his son had political intensions.

Aborode, who was the House of Representatives candidate of the Social Democratic Party in 2015, was killed by suspected gunmen on December 11, 2020, while returning home from his farm. The killing among other issues eventually led to the quit notice given to Seriki Fulani in Igangan, Salihu Abdukadir whose properties were razed by some Ibarapa youths.

The governor said on Saturday, “Oyo State is not a jungle, we must find a way to get to the root of the matter (Aborode’s killing). I went to Ibarapa and I slept over to know what the situation was. I went to Dr Aborode’s biological father and some of the things we found out were that the death was also caused by failure of intelligence.

“Everybody said Fulani killed Dr Aborode but when I went to his father, he said what happened had political undertone. He also told me that Dr Aborode did not drive himself to the farm (on the day he was killed), he was taken on a bike by somebody. When they were coming back from the farm, those who killed him picked him from the motorcycle and the rider left the motorcycle and came home to seek for help. But there was no single scratch on his body, he was not even pinched.

“Some persons were also coming from the farm who were also stopped and these ones heard the conversations between Dr Aborode and those who killed him. I asked where are those people and they said they were in Igangan with the person who carried him in the motorcycle.

“Okay, those who killed him, what language were they (the killers and Aborode) speaking? They said they heard that they spoke in Yoruba. When I returned to Ibadan, I called the security agencies and asked them if they heard what I just heard. They said they had interviewed the people. And I asked what did you now do to them? They could not say anything. And I told the Commissioner of Police that those people must be arrested and interrogated.”

Governor Makinde added that they told him yesterday that they had arrested the persons but he then heard that the persons said that he would mention everyone of them who was there.

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