Ondo Chief Judge accused of detaining brother for three years without trial as Akeredolu wades in


A Nigerian man based abroad, Oluwapelumi Fagboyegun has alleged that the Ondo State Chief Judge, Olarenwaju Akeredolu, conspired to have him detained for three years for going to their father’s house.

In a two minutes, seventeen seconds video, Oluwapelumi who claims to be the step brother to the Chief Judge said, “The Honourable Chief Justice of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I am calling you to please rescue me from the hands of the Ondo State Judiciary that is being run like a family affair that if you don’t know anybody you can not get justice.
“l have been living abroad for the past 30 years I came on holiday to Nigeria to my father’s house because I share the same father with the Chief Judge of Ondo State. I was arrested at my father’s clave. I was locked up and charged with forceful entry into my father’s house.
“Even if I was convicted of this crime, it only carries a one-year prison penalty but I have been on remand for the past three years. This case has been going on for the past three years because the Chief Judge is using her power to influence the judicial system.
“I have been unable to get justice. They have changed judges five times, they have re-arraigned me five times, they have changed their charges five times  and up till today February 15, 2021, that I am talking to you, the case is still pending. Please come and rescue me.
“The Ondo State Government cannot help me because the Ondo State Government is a family business. Buhari, save me from the hands of this woman to go back to my family, I want to go back to my children. I am a single parent. This woman has kept me here for the past three years for coming to my father’s house. Please help me I want to go back to my family.”Reacting to the video, Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State in a tweet said, “I have instructed my Attorney General and Justice Commissioner to investigate the allegation. We will ensure the investigation is thorough, fair, and transparent.”

The Attorney General and Justice Commissioner, Charles Titiloye said that the governor has directed that the allegation be prosecuted. Titiloye in a statement said the governor has directed the Department of Public Prosecution to immediately investigate the allegation made against the Chief Judge of Ondo State, Hon Justice 0. O. Akeredolu by Mr Olupelumi Fagboyegun (her brother) in a video that went viral on social media platform on the 15th of February, 2015 wherein he alleged that Ondo state Judiciary and Courts were being used by the Chief Judge to persecute him and keep him in custody for the past 3 years on trumped-up criminal allegation of unlawful entry into his father’s house. 

The accuser, Oluwapelumi Fagboyegun
However, the Ondo Chief Judge has denied any involvement in her brother’s remand for three years without trial, saying the matter was the handiwork of some persons who were using Fagboyegun against her family.She also said Fagboyegun had a paternity issue with her family.She said two years after her father died, somebody bearing his name filed a suit against her mum, two of her brothers, and the eldest male of her father’s family, stating that they should exhume her father’s body and do a DNA because Olupelumi claims to be her father’s son.

She said he (Olupelumi) filed a Writ of Summons which was served on her mum which itself made her mum felt agitated and embarrassed. According to her, a lawyer who filed the Writ told her that Fagboyegun alleged that he was born in the household of her grandmother; and that, his mother was living with her (CJ) grandmother when he was born.

She said, “One or two years after my mum died, he went to one of my father’s premises, where my cousin wanted to establish a poultry farm. One morning, he went with thugs wielding cutlasses but he was prevented from entering the premises.”

She alleged that Olupelumi also came with thugs and cutlass wanting to take over one of their premises, adding that her cousin responded by inviting the police to arrest him. She stressed that the matter had nothing to do with her.

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