Notorious gangs in Lagos clash over assault on kingpin’s lover


Last week, notorious rival gangs from the Alakuko area of Lagos and Dalemo, a border town between Lagos and Ogun states, kept the communities under terror watch.

This development led to the loss of lives, as well as the looting and vandalization of several shops and businesses.

The three-day clash left six persons dead while others sustained varying degrees of injury before a combined team of police and the military was able to restore normalcy.

During the chaos, the reason for the clash could not be established, however, PUNCH gathered that an assault on the girlfriend of the leader of Dalemo boys, one Abiodun aka Confidence, led to the fight.

The publication added that the said girlfriend attended a nightclub in the neighbourhood on Friday evening and was beaten by some boys from Alakuko and in retaliation, Confidence was said to have led his gang members.

Both rival gangs recorded deaths in their camps.

“An attempt to avenge the assault on the girlfriend was what actually led to the fight but many people don’t know. This was not the first time issues over the girlfriend would result in a fight,” a source familiar with the issue said.

Another source who spoke on condition of anonymity, identified the majority of the hoodlums as youths aged between 18 and 25.

He said, “Confidence who was trying to avenge the assault on his girlfriend is just 25-years-old but dreaded. He had been arrested more than twice but was later released. He was released from prison last year after spending eight months. Residents were shocked when they saw him walking on the streets again. It seems he has connections.

“The fight died down on Sunday until Alakuko boys went to attack Confidence’s second-in-command at a place where he was being treated for injuries he sustained on Friday night. They hacked him to death.”

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