My Husband Is A Chronic Womaniser – Wife Tells Court



An Igando Customary Court in Lagos, has granted the prayer of a 44-year-old businesswoman, to dissolve her marriage over husband’s infidelity.

The petitioner, Mrs Joy Akadu, told the court that her husband, Gabriel with whom she had no child in their six years of marriage was a chronic flirt. “My husband is a womaniser. He moves around with women of different shapes and sizes. He cheated on me many times and was never remorseful,” Joy said.

She said that her husband was so secretive that he refused to tell her the source of his income.

“Gabriel engaged in an illegal business which he did not disclose to me. I got to know after he was arrested and jailed,” she said.

“Gabriel is fetish. He is always in possession of different objects and substances. My husband has married another woman and has forgotten me.”

She, therefore, prayed the court to dissolve the marriage because she was no longer interested, insisting that the love between them had faded.

“Please terminate this loveless marriage so that I can move on with my life,” Joy said.

Gabriel was not in court to respond to the allegation levelled against him. The court President, Mr Adeniyi Koledoye, in his judgment said that since the respondent was not in court to defend the allegation, it showed that the marriage had hit the rocks.

“Therefore, the court has no other choice than to dissolve the marriage. The court pronounces the marriage between Mrs Joy Akadu and Mr Gabriel Akadu dissolved today. Both parties henceforth ceased to be husband and wife.

“Each of you should go on his or her separate way unmolested. The court wishes both of you well in your future endeavour,’’ the court president said.

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