Gunmen Invade, Loot Medical Facility In Borno


At least 10 gunmen suspected to be insurgents with one of them wearing a military jacket invaded an NGO-supported medical facility in Monguno town, Borno State on Tuesday, carting away medical supplies, communication gadgets and jackets carrying the NGO’s logo.

“Though, none of the NGO staff were physically harmed, their money, phones and other valuables were forcefully taken by the armed men before they left the scene,” the source said.

This is the first time this type of robbery incident is recorded in the northeast, though similar incidents were recorded in Diffa region of Niger on 3 April 2016 and in Mora, Extreme Nord of Cameroon on 21 September 2018.

“Of worry is the nature of this incident where it didn’t happen during insurgents attack. Also, the attack took place within the security perimeter of Monguno town with presence of government forces and military ‘Super Camp’.

“In spite of this, an important number of attackers was able to move within the town, to enter the medical facility, to stay there for around 30 minutes and to leave the scene with their loot, without being spotted or stopped,” source added.

The incident seems to demonstrate that the establishment of ‘super camps’ or ‘special response centres’ in key urban locations does not provide an increased level of security.

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