Ghanaians vow to sack Nigerian nationals out from community over incessant criminal acts

The residents of the Great Accra region, Ghana have threatened to go on a house to house tour to chase Nigerian nationals out of their area.

This action is triggered when three Nigerians were arrested by the police following the kidnap and murder of a two-year-old boy at Kasoa Chinese in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra region, Ghana.

The two-year-old boy by name Junior got missing on April 24, 2019. His decomposing body was found hidden under a rubble in an area called Tollbooth on Saturday, April 27, after he was allegedly kidnapped by some Nigerians.

Father of the deceased, Mr Sam Abandoh in an interview with Adom News said the boy was kidnapped in front of his house by some Nigerians in a white Toyota saloon car and a black Hyundai.

Mr Abandoh said the elder brother of the deceased told him that he had heard Junior crying in the house of the Nigerians residing in the same vicinity, but after some hours the crying stopped. He sought the help of some residents to storm the house where the Nigerians live. However, the boy was not found in the house despite a thorough search with the help of about 20 men.

Mr Abandoh told Adom News, he and his wife collapsed at the same time after seeing the body in a concrete block. He woke up later, but his wife is still in coma at the Mallam Junction Polyclinic.

The suspects have been transferred to Accra for further investigations as preliminary investigations revealed that one of the suspects is wanted in Nigeria for several kidnappings.

Meanwhile, the body of the deceased has been deposited at the Police Hospital morgue pending further investigations.

Some angry residents of Kasoa have threatened to take the law into their own hands by sacking all Nigerian nationals from the community.

They said they would take such action if government does not take steps to relocate the Nigerians.

The residents also threatened to go on a house to house tour to chase Nigerian nationals out of the area.

“We will embark on a house to house tour and sack all Nigerians in the area. This is the only way to prevent our women and children from falling prey to these Nigerians,” an angry resident told Citi News.

According to some angry residents, the presence of some Nigerian nationals in the area is the reason for the high number of criminal activities in the area.

“Their presence here is putting the lives of women and children in danger,” an angry resident lamented.

Some of the residents also pointed accusing fingers at some Ghanaian landlords who give their rooms to Nigerian nationals for rentals adding that when they commit any criminal offence they quickly move from the house because the landlords don’t make any good background checks before giving their rooms out to them.

“We will take the law into our own hands if government does not act fast,” a resident told Citi News

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