Fed Govt ‘still monitoring drones importation’


The Federal Government is monitoring the importation of remotely piloted aircraft, otherwise known as drones, because they  pose security threats when operated unregulated in the Nigerian airspace.

The  Rector,  Nigerian College of Aviation Technology  (NCAT), Captain Abdulsalami Mohammed, made this known on Wednesday.

He said the Office of the National Security Adviser  (NSA)  was carrying out  surveillance on  various types of drones brought into the country to ensure such highly volatile equipment are not used to compromise safety and threaten national  security.

Speaking in  an interview in Lagos,  the Rector said  the  foremost aviation  training institution in Nigeria would have since commenced training for operators of drones, but  it was awaiting approval from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority  (NCAA) after clearance from the office of the National Security Adiviser (NSA) on the  template to be adopted for the training.

He said there was need for operators of drones to  understand the limitations of the equipment before NCAT designs a template for training of operators of drones.

Mohammed said: “The College would have started training for operators of drones, but had to subject the programme to on – going investigations by the office of the NSA, which, based on security considerations, was monitoring the importation of drones  into Nigeria.

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