Domestic violence: Wife of Nollywood star questions the prescriptions of society


Sonia Lareina, estranged wife of Nollywood star IK Ogbonna, took to her social media page with a lengthy post in which she questioned the prescriptions of society particularly as it concerns what women go through in their respective marital homes.

The fair skinned beauty who had a falling out with her husband, noted that men are benefactors of a patriarchal society that will always have their support even when it is women that are mostly susceptible to abuse and violence in relationships.

She went on to add that some members of society also fuel a woman’s plight by telling her that no marriage is perfect as such she should follow through with everything that comes her way in an effort to build a stable home.

Lareinna noted further that such developments have encouraged men to steer farther away from being better because society has labelled women as people with less of a choice and a voiceless lot.

“Many guys don’t even bother being better men to their women because they were taught that women have no choice & culture and society makes our voices meaningless (we almost labeled as mad, delusional, bad, senseless and crazy when we try to stand for ourselves) and our pain is absolutely normalized, you suffer in silence and on your own while smiling on the outside (if your own mother tells you “go back & pray harder”, who you really get support from? she said.

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