In his response Mr. Schneider appreciated the representatives of ANLCA as he admits that they are not perfect, but that they are listening and will act on their submissions as he agreed that the best way to resolving the issues is through dialogue and negotiation. He admitted that they may sometimes miscalculate, but that however they are waiving some demurrage.

Mr. Schneider added that they are also stepping down vehicles for those who are ready to take delivery at Fives Star terminals. He noted that for better service, they have just bought two equipment to upgrade their services, though again, he added that the issue of server and network are not within their purview, but that of the Customs.
On the matter of their own systems, Mr. Schneider said that they are presently upgrading their systems for seamless operation and for the reduction of delay
He advised ANLCA to sensitize their members for the global best practices because as he said they might no longer tolerate barbaric and unprofessional approach to operational challenges, but that they are ready for dialogue and improvement of their services because they are in business to serve the agents and their importers. He also advised ANLCA to educate members and remove the touts along with the multiple commercial stamping by miscreants

Mr Chuks in his contribution wants clarity from ANLCA leadership on the right authority at the chapter to dialogue with in order to avoid breakdown of law and order .

 Uche Ejesieme, Tin Can Island Port Command of the NCS PRO.

The Tin Can Custom’s PRO also addressed the issue of the server and said that that is not directly under the control of Customs but that of Webb Fontaine, the contractor to the government. The PRO said that the the OC gate will be advised appropriately. He also said that the Customs Area Controller of the Command had given the directive for the officers to work towards stable internet network services at the various terminals in order to be able to implement the principles of ease of doing business. The PRO added that the issue of multiple checks on the corridors of delivery would soon be a thing of the past as soon as the Customs automate before the end of the next quarter.

He talked about the fact that the Customs is putting into operation two scanners to facilitate trade and that more will be brought in before the end of the year for effective clearance procedures without delay once all declarations are in order.

 Ojo Peter Akintoye, ANLCA Tin Can Island chapter chairman.

The representative of the Nigerian Shippers’ Council, Mrs Egbosimba thanked all and said that the best way in resolving issues is through dialogue and that as the regulating body they will not sit, watch and tolerate stakeholders taking law into their hands. She said that they must be dully informed of all operational challenges for quick resolution of the issues.
The lady added that the Customs should put their house in order as she thanked the NPA for their prompt intervention in situations.

The NPA Tin Can Port manager also thanked all for their submissions as he says that they are here for solutions and not fault finding. He specifically thanked the ANLCA national body for responding timely with an official letter on who to represent the body at all times within the Tin Can chapter and also for responding with clarity to the Five Star management.

The Port manager would want the Customs to always notify them in all issue as he opined that all must come together in one accord in moving the Tin Can Port to the next level.
He also warned that on no condition should violence and the locking of gate be allowed.

He ended by saying that the meeting will be inuagurated as a committee for the quarterly meetings of the heads of all stakeholders units or associations coming together on a round table for the discussion and resolution of all issues as it affects everyone.

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