Christmas is a mystery same as Easter, Catholic Priest replies Olukoya


A popular Nigerian Catholic Priest, Reverend Father Chinenye Oluoma has said that Christmas is celebrated by Christians as a mystery of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Father Oluoma while replying the General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire Ministry (MFM), Dr Daniel Olukoya, noted that there were many practices in Christianity which were not recorded in the Bible.

Recall that Dr Olukoya had said the reason his Ministry does not celebrate Christmas was because it was not recorded in the Bible, and Christ did not command his disciples to celebrate it.

In a Facebook post titled ‘Where is it in the Bible’, Father Oluoma argued that Christian’s celebrate Children’s Day, birthdays, mother’s day and attendance vigils, which were not recorded in the bible.

He reminded the MFM GO that his Church has a football club it manages, but nowhere in the bible was football mentioned.

The statement reads thus: Where Is It In The Bible?

“I wanted to pretend I didn’t read about the G. O who said ‘Christmas’ is not in the Bible and so shouldn’t be celebrated. It’s the same funny mentality of those who confuse terminology with theology.

Easter as a term is not in the Bible but we celebrate easter because it’s an event and a mystery recorded in scripture. Same with Christmas, it’s not the term or calendar date we celebrate but the event and mystery. One day now someone will wake up tipsy on ‘anointing’ and tell me to tell him why I call myself a Catholic since that term doesn’t exist in the Bible.

Same folly can be extended to all churches because no church has a name that’s used as a group of church members in the Bible. A Pentecostal church that says it doesn’t celebrate Christmas because the term doesn’t exist in the Bible but calls itself a Pentecostal church is just a comic contradiction.

Pentecost means 50th day, it was an agricultural feast that had nothing to do with the Holy Spirit until that particular year that the Holy Spirit fell on the apostles in Acts 2. Even after that, there is no record in scripture that the Holy Spirit fell on other people on Pentecost day.

If I wanted to be ‘an anointed idiot’ I would have been going around condemning Christians who identify as Pentecostals, quizzing them to show me where it’s in the Bible that a group of believers were referred to as Pentecostals or to prove to me where any group of Christians celebrated Pentecost in the Bible. Yet common sense dictates that it’s neither terminology nor semantics we identify as Pentecostal but the reality and mystery of the Holy Spirit.

Whoever adjectivised sense with common hasn’t experienced this generation of Where Is It In The Bible intoxicated Christians, common sense is very rare. The Bible is not a dictionary or history book, it’s more of theology than terminology. When you want to use the Bible to validate or invalidate any religious practice, you look for the biblical theology about it, not the terminology.

Mothers day, fathers day, Children’s day, etc are not in the Bible, but the Bible doesn’t have anything against their celebration. It’s only a religious ignoramus that will condemn those celebrations and get pious zombies to follow suit. If you care to know, there are many things we do in life that are not in the Bible and God isn’t angry at all.

Traditional marriage, village meetings, cross over vigils(these ‘show me where it’s in the Bible’ folks who are addicted to 31st Dec Cross over vigil don’t even know it’s not in the Bible in their sense), birthday parties, wedding anniversaries etc are not in the Bible.

Finally, someone needs to tell Dr Olukoya that MFM has a football club, I’ve been searching for it in the Bible and couldn’t find, abi no be MFM get that football club? Some nonsense must stop this 2019 o, let me come and be going.”

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