CBi launches National Integrity Barometer to tackle corruption

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The Convention on Business Integrity (CBi) has  launched the National Integrity Barometer aimed at improving the image of Nigeria as well as tackling corruption.

Speaking at the CBi Regualtory Conversations (RC5.0) in Lagos, Mr Soji Apamba, its Chief Executive Director, said the barometer would help to portray the country in a positive image considering its position on the corruption index.

“Nigeria is turning a very gentle corner in its fight against corruption, meaning progress maybe slow but it is, however, steady.

“This fact is not appreciated and will probably never be fully appreciated if all you do is to follow the trend analysis of Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) from Transparency International (TI).

“No other global ranking has stigmatised Nigeria and Nigerians around the issue of corruption as much as the TI CPI has done over the years,” said Apamba.

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