Border Closure: Customs officers attack each other over illegal check point

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A major crisis was last week averted when men and officers of the   Service, NCS, turned against each other over illegal check point at the Aiyetoro area of Idiroko in Ogun state, a development to led to one of them shooting himself.

Confirming the development, the Public Relation officer of the Idiroko Command of the Nigeria Customs Service, Abdulahi Mauwada said that it was an internal crisis that has been brought under control.
Maiwada also told our reporter that it was a major crisis that averted last week but it was well managed and brought under control.

“I was with the officer that was tortured today and he is recuperating very fast” He stated.
According to an eye witness account, trouble started when the roving team of the national border drill led by one John Ohagwu, a Superintendent of Customs, erected an illegal check point along the Aiyetoro axis of Idiroko despite several warnings and was seen negotiating with smugglers at the particular check point.

While the illicit negotiation was going on, an undercover Customs Intelligence Officer, CIU, S. U Ubandoma, an Assistant Superintendent of Customs with Service number 50725, stopped to find out what the problem was but recognized by another Customs officer who approached him for confirmation.

Immediately Ubandoma was confirmed as an undercover CIU officer, his Customs colleagues promptly reported him to the Soldiers attached to the check point who immediately pounced on him (Ubandoma) and beat him blue and black.

The moment Ubandoma was able to escape, he went straight to the Comptroller’s office and made a report and immediately Controller Michael Agbara, accompanied by an official of the Department of State Security, Mr. John Gazadma moved to the scene for an the on spot assessment of the situation and took control of the place.

This move by Controller Agbara however, did not go down well with Ohagwu who immediately called Col.Lawani, who in turn rushed to the scene of the incident.

 Agbara who did not know that Ohagwu had called Col. Lawani left before the Colonel Lawani arrived the scene and immediately called the Controller, threatening to humiliate, ridicule and arrest him like they did to Ubandoma.

The eye witness said: “The Controller in company of DSS John Gadzama came to the scene and when he saw the gravity of the situation, directed all officers at the scene to surrender their arms to avoid further altercation.

“But one officer, an Assistant Inspector of Customs, H. Y Abbo corked his gun without superior directive and in defiance to directive for everybody to surrender their arms.

“In an attempt by the security details to disarm Abbo, he corked his gun and mistakenly shot himself and he was immediately rushed to the hospital where he is receiving treatment.

“The matter was duly reported to the Drill Coordinator, Assistant Comptroller General of Customs, ACG B. Amajan whose intervention led to the release of Ubandoma from army detention.”


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