A notorious scammer who has been using fake naira notes to buy goods has finally been apprehended.
Nemesis has finally caught up with a fraudster notorious for buying goods with fake money in Delta state.
The unnamed man was arrested today and disgraced in public after first getting thorough beating from an angry crowd.
He was nabbed while trying to buy ‘Pig’ from two small boys after previously deceiving a lady.
Below is what an online user shared in pidgin English…..
‘Report reach us for studio say e get one guy wey dey use fake money dey buy things from people and he go still dey collect the change.
One girl con go fall victim for the guy yesterday. Mainwhile, the girl brother see the guy from window as at wen he dey buy something from he sister hand. So the guy con tell he sister say make he nor worry say if he see the guy he go fit still recognize the face. So unfortunately, the girl brother con later catch the guy for TM junction as he dey wan buy Pig from two small boys hand for the junction.
Naso the guy take tell the bike guy to turn the bike go where dem dey, and as he reach there, naso the girl brother catch one of them, because na him with the one wey dey ride the bike dey work together. Naso dem bruise the guy face turn to igbudu monkey. Na finally dem call police to come carry the guy go station make people for nor beat am die there. During the process of beating the guy nai dem later see some of the fake money for he pant. Na the guy picture and the fake money nai wey dey top of he head nai dey attached to this update so’
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